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The Itsy Bitsy Bathing Suit Dilemma | April 23, 2010

What’s not to love about the spring and summer? The sun’s out, the temperature is well into the double digits, and campus is alive with people and a variety of fun activities.  With the nice weather comes the inevitable time to put on a swimsuit. Time to see a seemingly harmless piece of clothing point out every flaw, even in places you didn’t know existed.

Having a fuller figure doesn’t make this any better. Fortunately for those of us who are well endowed, bathing suit technology has come a long way. There are a wide variety of suits that not only accentuate the positive, but cover up the negative

For those with a large bust:

Stick with a V-neck top. The v-neck instantly slims you and creates a clean line that enhances your cleavage. In case you need that extra support, and let’s face it, we can always use extra support, find a suit with a halter neck. It helps keep the ladies up and makes them look pretty fabulous too. Wide straps make the style more comfortable and once again add give your bust a little boost.

For those with junk in the trunk…and thighs:

This is my biggest problem when finding a suit. I have wide, voluptuous hips and an even wider butt. My recommendation would be to find a cute swim bottom that is in a skirt or shorts style. You can feel more comfortable frolicking in the waves while looking adorable. A skirt just provides a little extra coverage that you can’t find in a regular bikini bottom.

For those with a little bit of a tummy:

Stomach troubles don’t just come from bad dining hall food. For the girl with a little bit of a belly, there exists many a bathing suit that will work for you.  Pick an empire waist that draws attention to your bust. It has the magical affect of flattening your stomach.  Bathing suits that utilize the same material as body shapers, such as Spanx, are on the market. They give you the defined stomach without the crunches.

Color Ideas:

Bathing suits obviously come in a plethora of colors and patterns.  The rule to picking your perfect color is simple: when you want to emphasize a particular area, pick a fun print that will draw attention to your favorite asset. When it comes to keeping something under the radar, pick a solid color that doesn’t make someone’s eye jump to it. When in doubt, pick black. It makes you look both slim and sophisticated.

So where can you find the best swimsuit for you? Here are some ideas:







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