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Trends come and go…zipper details | April 20, 2010

Taylor’s Take:

I used to be an avid fan of Project Runway. I’d watch every episode and stay up late on a school night just to catch it, knowing that I’d be miserable the next morning when I woke up at six. The one dress that really stood out to me was Jeffrey Sebelia’s green and white dress loaded with zipper details. It seemed like a revolutionary idea at the time, but today, it is a commonplace trend. You can hardly go into a clothing store and not see a dress, t-shirt or even shoes that has a zipper running from top to bottom. Although I think the zipper dress is cute and fun, I also think that it’s nothing more than a trend. It seems like a novel idea to throw a zipper onto the front of a dress now, but if the trend keeps up at this rate, people will easily tire of it. The zipper detail is just a stepping-stone to edgier trends. Fashion is always evolving and the zipper will wear out its welcome.

The Zipper Trend

Courtesy of emoda.com

Hillary’s View:

I find the zipper detail trend just that: a trend. In a few years, the trend will fade and fashion will move onto bigger and bolder ideas. Investing in a trend is probably not the smartest idea, especially on a college budget. That being said, it’s now time for me to say this: I love zipper details. I got my own zipper dress at Target for a little less than fifteen dollars, which I feel was a smart purchase.  I have a general rule when it comes to trends and shopping in general: never spend more than twenty dollars on an item of clothing.

The zipper trend

courtesy of Hillary Johns

I stumbled upon this dress over spring break, and the best part is that it satisfies several trends in one. The hardness of the zipper detail mixes with the soft floral and the fitted waist of the denim skirt gives the wearer more shape. It was the perfect buy for spring.

General Consensus:

Trends are ever evolving; the zipper dress is just one of those things that will inevitably get lost in the shuffle of fashion. It’s a wonderful, flirty look for spring, but it’s not timeless. It doesn’t have the lasting appeal of the cardigan or a sturdy pair of flats. It’s impractical to go out and drop big bucks on this trend, so shop around. You don’t want to be caught next season with a zipper dress that just doesn’t cut it anymore.


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