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Spring Awakening: Wardrobe | April 17, 2010

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Time to shed your winter layers and emerge confident and ready for the sun. It’s time to put away the dark tones of winter and search the sale racks for your new spring look. For me, this season is going to be all about being comfortable and being stylish in my own way. I don’t know about you, but I’m sick and tired of hiding behind thick sweaters and knee high boots! I loved my winter wardrobe, but I’m obsessed with my new spring essentials:


No matter what your size, I think the one must have in every girl’s closet this spring has got to be denim. Capris, skirts, Bermuda shorts, and long jeans are the obvious; but I recently went out of my style comfort zone and bought the most amazing chambray tunic from Old Navy. I thought the fact that the shirt was shapeless would work against a fuller figure, however when I put it on I couldn’t feel more confident and comfy. Belt it and add the right jewelry and I’ve got the perfect outfit for a night out with my friends. The best thing about denim: it’s great for almost any occasion, especially in the warm months ahead. Experiment with different washes and accessories for a class-to-night look.


In the dreary Athens winter all I wanted to wear was head-to-toe black, and that’s all I saw around campus. Hiding behind leggings and sweaters, girls faded into the background, but now that the sun is shining it’s time to pack away the oversized and dark. Nothing flatters better than black; it hides all your imperfections and makes you feel five pounds smaller. However, nothing will make you stand out more this season than wearing dark tones! Lighter, softer colors won’t hide you like black, but why should you want to hide? Blush tones and light washes will give you a youthful look and bring you out of that winter slump.


Living in Ohio, I can honestly say that I have experienced all four seasons in one week. It’s so important to have that perfect lightweight coat or cardigan that can transition from day-to-night along with the seasons. It’s time to put away your North Face, ladies. Trench coats a fabulous for this time of the year! I adore my trench from Old Navy and the Tower Collection by London Fog just released a line of easy to care for jackets through QVC. If you think you can’t rock the trench, try an anorak or cropped jacket. Faith21, Forever 21’s plus size line, is a treasure trove of jackets and sweaters for any occasion.

One more thing…

Remember, just because you have a fuller figure does not mean that you should wear the loosest clothes you can find. Go for the more formfitting look! You may be pleasantly surprised at how much it can change the way you see yourself. Your most important accessory should be confidence. If you are confident in what you’re wearing, it will make a big difference in how others see you.

– Hillary


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