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Spring Awakening: Accessory Do’s and Don’ts | April 17, 2010

Let’s face it; it’s not always fun to be the curvy girl. We’re left out on certain skinny girl trends like the bikini or Daisy Dukes. To be the curvy girl, you have to find clothes that accentuate your positive qualities, like a tiny waist to a great face. While clothes are important, accessories give them that certain finish that every outfit needs. Accessories, just like clothes, have rules that need to be followed so you look your absolute best.

Never Wear a Choker

Chokers conquer up images of everything from punks in dog collars to hippies with a leather rope and a peace sign dangling at their throats. For the curvy girl, a choker cuts your neck in half. It can create the effect of making your face fuller and therefore adds an unwanted extra dimension to it. Chokers are for jokers.

Emphasize Your Killer Waist

If you’re like me, your waist is smaller than your hips and not only is it annoying to find jeans that don’t gap in the back, but making sure your shirt doesn’t just hang on your body. Buy a skinny belt in a basic color like black or brown and wear it at your waist. Not only does it give you a nice shape, but it also adds a little extra to the outfit you’re wearing.

Avoid Super Thin Bracelets

Us girls love bracelets. They’re shiny, come in lots of colors and styles and are just plain super cute. Alas, bracelets that are too thin may make your wrist look bigger. Just one super thin bracelet creates the illusion that your wrist is bigger than it is. By wearing chunky bracelets or lots of bangles, it makes your wrist look smaller in comparison to their size.

The Right Sunglasses Make an Outfit

Thankfully, the ultra huge sunglasses trend is dying a slow, fair death. Sunglasses not only protect our eyes; they can also be a piece of true statement fashion. The bigger the sunglasses, the rounder your face will look. Wear a medium sized pair of glasses in a square shape. They accent all the right features. Don’t forget, a pair of wayfarers makes every outfit.

– Taylor

Coming soon: Should you invest in the zipper trend?


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